What color is your wave?

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What color is your wave? What color is your wave?

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Salute to Spock with Antimatter

I was walking home the other day and started thinking about the origin of the universe and the Big Bang Theory.  Scientists tell us that the universe and all the planets, stars, moons, comets, asteroids, and other star stuff was created in one massive explosion approximately 14.5 billion years ago.  Our solar system appears to

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Q-tip acronym is helpful

No, I am not talking about the quilted tip for cleaning our your ear canals but rather the acronym which is: Quit Taking It Personally!  Recently our business consultant shared this gem with us.  Whether in business life or other parts of life, it is sometimes hard to not take things personally.  If you own

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Jaywalking and the danger of hesitation

I normally don’t consider myself the type of person who is hesitant but there are certain moments when I find myself not acting instinctively and instead following rules that, at times, are not appropriate. Jaywalking is one of those times when I find my judgement is impaired by a conflict of following rules and assessing

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Embrace Your Spots

It is often said, “A Leopard Cannot Change its Spots.”  I think about the subject of change regularly.  I have always been a fan of change as long as it is under conscious, intentional direction and results in an evolutionary change.  I like to think that with most of the big conscious changes in my

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