A morning of wave riding with my son to Home Depot for…cookies

Yes, of course it is a surfing metaphor!  As you know I like to talk about learning to Master the Waves of Life.  This morning was a great reminder of how, while you might be riding your wave near the peak it is possible that those close to you are not.  This morning my son was a bit low on his wave.  He was emotional and sullen and stuck to me like a piece of uber velcro.  Normally, I would have loved to have taken the time to cuddle on the couch and give him time to get up on his wave but, alas, there was life pushing me to keep a schedule.  I had to get my son to daycare and my daughter to school and myself to work.  Well, Dai did not care about my need to be on time and why should he.  Anyway, I had to keep the family marching forward.  Dai was whimpering but I had to try my best to get us all to our respective schools on time.  

I negotiated with him that if he would stop whimpering, I would drop him off last and we would walk his sister to school.  He still whimpered that whole way and then required me to carry him to his school.  Once his sister was safely inside I had to carry him back to the van.  All the cuddling had settled him a bit and I said, “let’s do a car wash before daycare”.  That seemed good.  After the car wash he said, “I want to go Home and have a cookie”.  We argued about the fact that we don’t have cookies at Home and I insisted we were going to daycare.  Once inside daycare it was a gong show.  I could not separate him from me.  When Michelle (daycare worker sent from Heaven) tried, he went into panic mode and grabbed on to me so hard, he ripped the last button off my Value Village jacket.  I did not know what to say.  He was crying so I took him into a quiet spot and said, “Dai just stay for a couple of hours and I will come back and get you”.  He kept saying “I want a cookie at Home and I want to be with you”.  I was at a loss for any ideas. 

I admitted defeat and put his boots on and his jacket on and we walked back to the van.  I must admit I was laughing at the scene by now.  I loaded him in the van and looked him square in the eyes and said “Dai, you can stay with me today but you have to promise that tomorrow you are going to daycare”.  He stared back with those big brown eyes with tears floating on the eyelids and said “I promise Daddy if you take me to “HOME DEPOT” and get me a cookie I will go to daycare”.   That’s what he meant by HOME!  Last week we had a Daddy and Dai Date on Friday morning and we went to Home Depot.  He asked for a cookie and I turned him down but later I did take him to a coffee shop for a cookie and hot chocolate – it was an epic Daddy and Dai Date.
Driving to Home Depot I was laughing through my tears.  We parked and he held my hand and skipped towards Home Depot.  After picking a 3 pack of chocolate cookies (one for his brother and sister), he skipped back to the van, munched gleefully on the cookie and we made our way back to daycare.  Once inside, he took off his coat and boots and gave me a kiss and said “bye daddy”.  
Oh my, I wouldn’t trade that morning for all the riches in the world!

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