Diversity, Resetting, Restraint, and a Nod to Nature.

We are on the Sunshine Coast and, as the name suggests, it is beautiful and sunny!  I will restrain myself from telling you my exact coordinates because if I tell you that I am at a campsite on the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by old growth cedar, next to a world class oyster restaurant, in the oyster capital of Canada, with an ocean view, and that there is nobody else at this campsite…well…it will likely be unavailable the next time I want to visit.  Having said this, if you really need to know, email me and I will share my secret.

As I sit here with my laptop typing my blog into Word (there is no wireless signal), I look around me and everywhere I look there are examples of nature’s perfect balance.  When I really need to Reset my Base Frequency, I head out camping and preferably get as close to the ocean as possible.  As everyone knows I am a “wave freak” and I love being near water.  Again, as most of you know, I love almost all of my food raw, and shellfish is my favourite.  When we arrived at the Oyster Capital of Canada yesterday evening, I quickly donned my water socks and rushed out to pick as many oysters and mussels as I could carry.  As fate would have it, the tide was high and there was no chance of plucking my bivalve friends off their rocks. 

Despite my fruitless shellfish hunt, I immediately felt Reset.  My feet were immersed in the liquid that not only occupies most of our planet but oddly tastes like our own tears.  It was approximately 7:00 PM and we were ready for some dinner.  Knowing that I was not going to be eating oysters or mussels or clams that night, we returned to our Westfalia and my partner started cooking the most amazing Thai dinner you could imagine.  My partner, besides being a most amazing cook, is writing a cook book for camperized van cooking (call it a Glamping Cookbook).  We ate an amazing dinner paired with a wonderful Okanagan white wine.  As I ate my dinner, I gazed around the campsite and noticed that everywhere I looked, was a perfect harmony of diverse trees and plants. 


Ferns sprung out of decaying cedars and massive western larch provided a perfect canopy for smaller cedars to take root and start their own majestic journey to the skies.  The forest floor is littered with cedar seeds, branches, seedlings and discarded oyster shells everywhere.  Some of these shells were tossed by humans but many  were the remnants of a belly filling meal for a seagull.  Nature is perfect as it operates without a consciousness.  It doesn’t think, “Oh I should attach myself to this decaying cedar as its nutrients give me the best shot at survival” – it just does it.

This morning I got up to birds chirping and a sunny sky.  I felt like myself.  I slipped on my red (of course) sandals and took a short walk around the desolate campsite.  For some reason, nature guided me to look at the campsite and local area map.  I had seen this map many times but what I had not seen before was this big sign with a red skull and cross bones and a warning telling people not to eat the shellfish because of Red Tide!  Being a bivalve-o-phile, I am very familiar with this bacteria that concentrates in clams, mussels, and oysters when the water temperatures rise.  It can cause, at best, nausea and vomiting, and at worst paralysis and death!  

photo (1)

Had I not arrived at high tide last night and had I not of read this one sign this morning…well…this blog might have never been.  I know that Base Resetting not only makes one feel more like themselves but improves one’s ability to use intuition.  Intuition not only helps with best choice but can literally save your life.  I am reminded of the importance of Resetting regularly to not only improve your health but to help you steer clear of danger. 

Tomorrow, we will amble to the world class resto right next to our campsite and eat shellfish from deep depths beyond the reach of that pesky Red Tide. 

Damn you Red Tide…Damn you.


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