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It has been an emotional week for me personally.  I suppose that is why I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks.  Being the “wave guy”,  I will say that I have ridden some massive waves this past week.  I crested a big wave during the Ekahi seminar on Feb 15th in Kelowna.  Shortly after coming down off that wave I found a new home for my 1971 Volkswagen van – in England of places!  Not only did seeing the van drive away leave me with a feeling of sadness, but it made room in my life for new energy.  Almost immediately my inbox was full of new business offers.  It was as if just simply moving the van allowed energy to be transmuted.  If we consider the law of conservation of energy and the fact that in a closed system, energy cannot be created nor destroyed and in fact the total amount of energy cannot change, then when you move something out of your life, something else must come into replace it.  This is an important fact/law to consider if the energy in your life seems stagnant or even negative.  

Consider for a moment that even something that appears lifeless still has energy.  Now a Volkswagen van is far from lifeless but any other vehicle most certainly seems lifeless.  Believe it or not, even some North American made, soul-less vehicle, emits energy.  I am not talking about some esoteric kind of energy like 60’s, peace and love energy, but rather something much less hippie-esque like infrared radiation.  So if all matter emits energy and the total energy in your closed system cannot change, literally moving one thing out will cause your system to acquire new energy!  Now here’s where things get even more interesting.  If you have an object in your life that you give a lot of energy to; (positive or negative) move it and see what happens!  If you really want to see change, move it right out of your system and watch what happens.  Of course, you are presumably going to move out something with negative energy.  

I must admit that when we start talking about “positive” and “negative” energy, we now leave the confines of science and step over into the realm of art but that doesn’t make it any less real.  Negative energy is that kind of energy that brings you down and positive energy brings you back up.  A good example of this is to imagine you bought an expensive coffee machine and when you bought it, you worried whether you paid too much.  Then imagine the coffee machine started to not perform satisfactorily and in fact made really distasteful coffee.  You are well past the warranty period so you can’t return it.  Out of frustration you move the coffee machine down into a closet in the basement and bring back out the old reliable drip machine.  Is the expensive coffee maker gone from your system?  Nope.  You just moved it.  It is still on your mind and every time you go down into that closet, you see it again and it brings on feelings of anger and frustration.  That is an example of how an inanimate object can give off “negative” energy.  You assigned it negative energy and it stuck to it!  If you want to get rid of negative energy, chuck that piece of junk out to make way for better energy.

Our lives are filled with things that we have assigned negative energy.  The more negative energy you have assigned it; the more of an impact will be made when you get rid of it. Guilt is a classic example of negative energy that we often have with inanimate objects.  How many unfinished projects do you have that are making you feel guilty?  Finish them or hire somebody to finish it so you can move on to better energy. Living objects naturally emit more energy.  Things like plants and animals can really affect the energy in your system.  I used to own a big dog that would charge the fence every time anybody walked by our property.  It got to the point that I was anxious just seeing the dog and then my anxiety grew into anger.  I found that dog a new and better home on a large property and we were both gained positive energy.  

Yesterday, was a really tough day for me.  My wave crashed.  I had to put down my cat of sixteen years.  The cat was with me through massive change and in hindsight acted as the stabilizing force for me and my whole family.  He was a lovely cat who loved everyone.  I got him as a kitten when I lived in Gettysburg, PA.  I moved him across the United States and into Canada.  He saw more change in sixteen years than most octogenarian humans will ever see.  The short list of the things Israel witnessed were: four dogs and one cat come and go; lived in three houses; house sat for a summer by my Dad; and massive renovations.  His last major act, as the de facto house manager and tour guide, was to welcome my wife and her children into our home.  He artfully made all of the six kids and adults of the blended family feel loved.  When someone was sick or sad, Doctor Israel was right there with his affectionate purr.   I can’t fully express the loss I feel and the gratitude I have for Israel stabilizing our family through tough times.  Yesterday, I believe he looked around the house and felt his job was done.  Last night at 6 PM, Israel handed the house keys over to me and gave me that look that said, “Don’t screw up all my work!”  While our family grieves, I know he will never be replaced but I also know that some big, big energy is coming into our lives very soon.  

Godspeed Izzy. 












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