Going with the Flow

Brett Wade, EzineArticles Platinum Author

A few days ago we were dropping off copies of the Ekahi Method book to some media people in Kelowna.  During one of the stops, we chatted with a prominent business person.  She suggested that we should come back later that evening to meet somebody who she felt I would have a lot in common with.  The only details of the meeting I was given was that this person was from the United States and was in town doing presentations on healing.  I was told to come back later that evening at precisely 6:55 PM.  I was a bit suspicious about the vagueness of the meeting but we had no other plans so we decided to “Go with the Flow”.  

My partner and I arrived at precisely 6:55 and we were quickly greeted by a few people who seemed happy to see us.  After exchanging some brief pleasantries, we followed a woman through the hotel lobby which led to the main tower of the hotel.  Very few words were exchange during our commute.  While riding the elevator up to the third floor, my partner and I exchanged a shared, raised-eyebrow expression, followed by a shoulder shrug.  As the doors of the elevator opened, we followed our taciturn leader to a hotel room door.  It was at this point where I thought to myself, “This is the kind of story you read in the paper where two people naively follow complete strangers only to be later robbed and beaten.”  

As the door to the hotel room opened, we were greeted by a small crowd of about five or six women who seemed pleased that there would now be a couple of more people in attendance.  Still, at this point, my partner and I had no idea why we were here.  We were asked to sign in and provide our email addresses and then we were each handed some crystals of different shapes.  A lady facing us at the front of the room introduced herself and it was at this point that I realized that she was the person I was supposed to meet.  The lady (will call her “L”) told us the purpose of the crystals and what we were to do with them.  We dutifully followed her instructions about where to place the crystals and the mantra to repeat.  We were instructed to place the crystals on every major organ in the body for approximately 15 minutes.  An hour and a half later, we had finished “clearing” all our organs.  Thinking we were finally done, my partner and I started to give each other the look which says “How do we get out of here?”  Then, “L” told us we were now going to “clear incoherent energies” from birth to age seven.  It started with conception to birth (15 minutes), birth to age one (15 minutes), age one to age two (fifteen minutes) and all the way to age seven.  

Two and a half hours after walking into the hotel room, we were finished.  Normally I would have been a really ticked off that I couldn’t find a graceful exit from a presentation that I didn’t sign-up for but about half way through the clearing,  I changed my mindset.  I said to myself, “Brett, you always say you don’t make enough time for long meditations.  Here you are with a great opportunity for meditation or mindfulness or clearing, so you better take full advantage!”  While the language “L” used for clearing was not a language that resonated with me, I did know that mindfulness was a significant part of this process.  When my partner and I got up to leave, neither of us were upset, in fact we both saw the humor of the situation. We both agreed that we had never spent that long in mindfulness.  I am really thankful we went with the flow and turned a potentially frustrating situation into a very positive one.  

That two and a half hour meditation really did set in motion some positive events which followed the next few days.  Maybe it was the clearing; maybe it was the crystals; or maybe just being mindful for that long but whatever the reason, I am thankful it happened.


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