Just Let Go

Are you like me and sometimes have that need to make things happen in the manner in which you think they should?  How often have you wanted to something to happen in a certain time and were actually surprised to find that the universe was not on your side?  

I have a project (top secret) that I have been working on a for a few months and expected to make the big announcement last month but as it turns out, the universe has other plans for the timing.  I was getting so frustrated – even during my sleep, that I was waking up with sore teeth from clenching them at night.  The other day while driving to work, I caught myself clenching my jaw and my teeth were sore again and then just when I needed a message, a car slowly pulled up beside me and slowly and deliberately pulled in front of me.  I noticed how effortlessly it seemed to pass me and then move in front of me.  The next thing I noticed about the car really gave me a wake up call.  It was one of those personalized plates and it read, “Let Go”.  Instantly I let go of my jaw tension, smiled, and felt a tear slip over my eyelash.  

I had forgotten the most important rule of working with the universe – that is, you are supposed to be working WITH the universe.  As soon as I tried to control the outcome or the timeline, I pushed against the fabric of the cosmos and the net got tighter and tighter.  I was running hard and working hard but getting nowhere.  As soon as I, “Let Go”, I once again could feel the currents of energy streaming from the universe directing me and encouraging me to work in a partnership.  None of us are going to get anywhere if our hubris leads us believe that we can outsmart or outwork the organizing energy of the universe.  Some people will use the label of God, some will call it energy, some will name their God but really it seems to me that the labels describe the same thing – a universal intelligence that, if we respect it (or him or her) will help us to realize our goals as long as our goals are for greater good and are in alignment with the organizing patterns and nature of universe.  

When you let go and sense the waves of the universe, you feel that it is a beautiful, organized, current that has no consciousness and no judgment.  It is the birth of all matter and if it can create solar systems, planets, oceans, volcanoes, dogs, cats, you, and me, it can surely manifest your secret goal – as long as it is alignment with the nature of the flow.  When you let go, you then have to plug in and start to really feel the waves.  The best way to do this is to quiet everything and have a moment with the creator.  Sitting, standing, or moving, you just have to silence the mind.  The endless chatter of our minds can conceal the waves that are always there, flowing in the background.  Close your eyes and have a conversation that requires no words and requires you to think about nothing.  The more often you have this “conversation” the more you can trust that you don’t have to control the outcome – you can Let Go.  

This video clip summarizes the process very well:



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