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Brett Wade, PhD – BIO

Long Bio: 

Brett Wade, PhD graduated summa cum laude from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (Rutgers) with a doctorate in Health Sciences. His area of research examined health effects related to fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field. He also has a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy.  Brett began practicing as a physical therapist in 1995 in British Columbia.  By 1996, Brett had moved to the United States where he practiced as a Physical Therapist in Colorado, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania.  In 2000 Brett returned to Canada and with two partners set up and successfully operated physical therapy clinics in Kelowna, B.C. In 2003, Brett accepted a full time faculty position at a local college where he continues to lecture.

During his career as a physical therapist, Brett became fascinated with the therapeutic effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields in treating disease. This eventually became the impetus for his doctorate. Brett also started to wonder about the electromagnetic fields produced by humans, and whether these waves were not only perceptible by other humans but if they might affect also affect our relationships and our health.  While living in Hawaii, Brett began to develop the idea, from a health perspective, that the one (Ekahi, in Hawaiian) thing that connects all living and non-living things is invisible waves.   He began to wonder whether the frequencies of the environment and the frequencies emitted by other people affected health. He developed the Frequency Profile which assigns people into one of five Base Frequencies and began testing his hypothesis.

In 2013, Brett published the book Ekahi Method which teaches people how to improve their relationships and health by understanding their Base Frequency.  Currently, Brett lectures at Okanagan College in Kelowna, B.C. Canada and regularly speaks about the Ekahi Method.


Short Bio:

Brett Wade, PhD is the CEO of the Ekahi Method and the author of a book by the same title.  Ekahi (say “Ee-caw-hee”) means One in Hawaiian.  As a practicing physical therapist for nearly twenty years, Dr. Brett became aware of the possibility that our own frequencies, our own waves, may affect not only our health but our relationships.  He developed a Frequency Profile as a way of quantifying people’s Base Frequency into one of five Base Frequencies: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, VIOLET.  After many years of experimenting with Base Frequencies in other people he discovered that when people of similar Base Frequencies come together they describe “resonance” or “feeling relaxed” and when people of opposite Base Frequencies come together, they describe feeling “nervous” or “anxious”.

In 2013 Dr. Brett published the Ekahi Method book.  He regularly speaks on the subject of waves and how they affect health and relationships.


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Poster of Ekahi Method Presentation





Testimonials of Ekahi Method Presentation


“Extremely relevant and insightful information as our success and failures in life are based around relationships with other people.” – Alex Bird

“Overall, a very informative and valuable presentation that I hope will improve my interactions in relationships, business encounters, health and wellness and my spirit.” ~R.F

“Speaking to Canada’s PBSN/PNPA  (Professional Board Staff Network/Professional Network of Presidents’ Assistants) at our 2013 AGM, Dr. Brett Wade brought passion, research – and red shoes!  – to his presentation on mastering the waves of life. A number of our members had previous exposure to personality and type indicator testing, and were inspired by Dr. Brett Wade’s health-focused approach to understanding the means through which we resonate with others.  Dr. Brett Wade’s intertwining of personal and professional experience with scientific research made for a stimulating and insightful morning”.


Reviews of Ekahi Method Book

“In this life changing book, Dr. Brett Wade shares his years of experience as a scientific researcher and therapist treating people to restore health and happiness.  His profound theory , easily understood and backed by science, explained how all the waves of life affect our well-being.”  Dan Zaleski, Author of – The Master’s Class.  8th Degree Black Belt


“I always wondered why I got along with some people so easily and with other people it seemed to be a struggle.  Dr. Brett not only explained why but showed me some practical ways to adjust my own Base Frequency to make my relationships better.  It seemed so simple but worked so well!”  Donna P.


“I have a much better understanding of the importance of meditation and how it relates to health.  I was always told I should learn to meditate but nobody explained why and in a way that was secular – that was important to me.  I continue to practice Frequency Tuning on a daily basis in my job as an executive.  The results are impressive.  I can now see the five colors in all people!”  Mike R.


Recent Interviews:

Brett’s Interview with Michael Cohen of WILS Lansing Michigan – March 20, 2014

Radio interview on WFBK, Charlotte, NC with Jack Anthony.  March 27, 2014.  Link: 

Radio interview on KQBK 104.7 with Tommy Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas, March 21, 2014

Radio interview on WLS-AM (Chicago IL) with Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft.  April 14, 2014. Link: 

Radio interview on KSTC, Sterling CO with Jacob Reyes.  April 15, 2014

Radio interview on CJOB, Winnipeg, MB with Dahlia Kurtz.  April 15, 2014

Radio interview on with Ellen Eatough.  April 17, 2014.  Link:

Radio interview on the Kim Pagano show with Kim Pagano. April 26, 2014.  Link:

Published Articles on the Ekahi Method:



Sample Interview Questions:

  • What does Ekahi (say Ee-caw-hee) mean?
  • How did you come up with this idea that our health and relationships could be affected by waves (frequencies) from other people and environments?
  • What exactly are these invisible waves you speak of?
  • How is that people produce frequencies?
  • You have developed a profile called the Frequency Profile, can you explain a bit about this profile and how it works?
  • How is that knowing my Base Frequency can affect my relationships and my health?
  • What exactly happens when two people of dissimilar Base Frequencies come together?
  • Can we temporarily change our own Base Frequencies to “fake” being like another Base Frequency?  Why would I do that?
  • Why is meditation said to be the cornerstone of the Ekahi Method?
  • How does Electrosmog affect our health?
  • In the book you talk about “Nourishing with Resonant Frequencies” – can you explain what is meant by that?
  • If people want to buy your book, where can they purchase it?


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