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It has been a long while since I last wrote.  I really miss it when I can’t put my thoughts to paper (or keys…as it is).  Last week I was teaching a bunch of kids aged 4-8 about the importance of mindfulness.  This is a class which I teach every week.  If you have never taught little kids before, it is much like trying to herd cats.  The mindfulness class is one hour and for one hour I need about ten to twenty different activities as their attention span is so fleeting.  Last week I had prepared a very exciting lesson using vinegar and baking soda to demonstrate how, when your mind is racing, it is like bubbles in the jar.  I LOVED my new experiment and the kids were mildly amused for thirty seconds.  I taught them to put their hand on their belly and breathe down the “bubbles of anxiety in their minds”.  Naturally as the acetic acid reacted completely with the  sodium bicarbonate, the bubbles settled.  Seemed like a compelling lesson?  But, as with the others, it was…on to the next lesson!

I quickly put away the jar, vinegar, and baking soda and moved on to another exercise and another and another.  At the end of each mindfulness class, I conclude with the same exercise: lying on your stomach and drawing your happy place.  As soon as I announce that we are going to be doing the mindful drawing, they excitedly drop to their tummies and wiggle with the anticipation of a kid on Christmas morning.  I pass out the fresh white paper and a can containing shards of crayons.  The second their crayons hit the paper, you can hear a pin drop.  There is no goofing around, there is no talking, but there is complete mindfulness.  For fifteen minutes, they will draw, colour, and become immersed in their creation.  Of course the real magic is not what is happening on the paper but rather what  is happening in their mind.  They are thinking about their happy place and then making it happen on paper – perfect mindfulness.  It is the same as when we use guided visualization to enter into meditation.

The great part about mindful drawing is that it is not just for kids!  In fact, my wife is a Certified Zentangle Teacher and regularly sees the amazing benefits in adults who practice this form of mindful drawing.  Just like meditation, mindfulness with a pen can also reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and have long-term benefits with depression and anxiety.  Have you ever found yourself just doodling on a scrap piece of paper.  There is a good chance that when you are making lines or dots or shading with your pen or pencil, you are focused on present moment.  Perhaps if the idea of meditation seems to be not your cup of tea but you could use to manage your stress; why not consider mindful drawing, doodling, or zentangle.  The goal is not to make art to hang on your fridge but rather to give your restless mind a much need break from the endless chatter.

Happy doodling and happy November,


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