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 Next Presentation of the Ekahi Method is at the Ekahi Center located at 1304 Water Street

DATE: Date: March 7th, 2015
LOCATION: Ekahi Center 1304 Water Street Kelowna (across from Prospera Place)

TIME: 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

COST: $10.00 -non members of Ekahi Center

In this 90 minute presentation you will learn how your personal energy wavelengths are affecting all your relationships and your health!  You must not miss this amazing presentation.


You can also call the Ekahi Center for more information: 250-763-7603


Ekahi “Ee-kaw-hee” means One in Hawaiian.  Come learn how the waves of the universal energy connecting all of us affects our relationships and our health!  In this highly celebrated presentation, you will learn how your energy affects your personal and professional relationships. You will learn why you naturally resonate with some people and not others and what you can do about it!  You will learn the importance of Resetting your energy everyday to maintain your health.  This method is based on the research and book, Ekahi Method by Dr. Brett Wade.  

Packed with information, you are guaranteed to walk away with a new found perspective and some tools to improve your life.


“I left Dr. Brett’s seminar feeling completely uplifted and optimistic about my life.  You made it so easy to follow and we all appreciated your knowledge, humor, and enthusiasm.  You are truly making lives better!” – KW

“Extremely relevant and insightful information as our success and failures in life are based around relationships with other people.” – Alex Bird

“Overall, a very informative and valuable presentation that I hope will improve my interactions in relationships, business encounters, health and wellness and my spirit.” ~R.F

“Speaking to Canada’s PBSN/PNPA  (Professional Board Staff Network/Professional Network of Presidents’ Assistants) at our 2013 AGM, Dr. Brett Wade brought passion, research – and red shoes!  – to his presentation on mastering the waves of life. A number of our members had previous exposure to personality and type indicator testing, and were inspired by Dr. Brett Wade’s health-focused approach to understanding the means through which we resonate with others.  Dr. Brett Wade’s intertwining of personal and professional experience with scientific research made for a stimulating and insightful morning”.  Shelagh Donnelly, Executive Assistant to the Douglas College Board


Some of the topics Dr. Brett has presented on are:

  • The Ekahi Method. Master the Waves of Life:  A half day or full day presentation which examines the five main parts of the Ekahi Method: 1. Discover Your Base Frequency; 2. Sense External Frequencies; 3. Reset to Base Frequency; 4. Tune Your Frequency for Success; 5 .Nourish With Resonant Frequencies
  • The Ekahi Method for the Workplace: a half-day to full-day presentation for small business or large corporations.  Learn how Frequency Tuning can improve relationships with customers and be highly effective for team building.
  • What is your Frequency and Why it Matters: a ninety minute presentation for the general public.  Participants learn how to determine their Base Frequency and learn how knowing their Base Frequency is not only vital to their health but is important for relationship success.
  • Frequency Tuning for Improving Relationships: a ninety minute presentation for the general public on how learning to adjust your own Base Frequency can temporarily improve both relationships with the public and personal relationships.
  • Electromagnetic Radiation and Health: a ninety minute presentation on how things like cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless routers, (Electrosmog) etc. affect human health.  Participants will learn easy ways to mitigate the effects of Electrosmog.
  • The Geomagnetic Field and Health: a ninety minute presentation for the general public examining how the earth’s magnetic field protects us from harmful levels of radiation and how significant fluctuations in the field are related to cardiovascular events such as heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure fluctuations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of presenter is Dr. Brett?

  • Dynamic speaker with passion for topics in health and science.  Presentations are content-loaded with some activities to reinforce material.

What if you are looking for a specific presentation on Health, Happiness, and Science?

What are your rates?

  • Pricing is based on a daily, flat rate plus travel expenses.  For the flat rate, I am available from 1 hour to 8 hours.


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What is the Ekahi Method?

Learn How Your Base Frequency Affects Your Life!

The Ekahi Method shows you how your, natural, Base Frequency affects not only your health but all your relationships. Find out your Base Frequency by completing the Frequency Profile

What color is your wave?

Ekahi Method for Health

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