Q-tip acronym is helpful


No, I am not talking about the quilted tip for cleaning our your ear canals but rather the acronym which is: Quit Taking It Personally!  Recently our business consultant shared this gem with us.  Whether in business life or other parts of life, it is sometimes hard to not take things personally.  If you own a business, it is like your child: you never want to hear anybody say a negative thing about your child!

I have noticed that some people seem to have this gene that permits them to hear negative comments and not interpret them negatively and not take it personally.  I watch these people receiving, what I would deem, negative comments and it is like water off a ducks back.  I have seen them working retail where rude customers hurl insults at them  for things that are not their fault and they seem completely unfazed!  If there was a magic potion that could be consumed to give me that trait, I would pay big and down the potion in one gulp.

How about telemarketers?  I mean, those people must either drink that magic potion or they possess the gene to not take it personally or they have learned to not take it personally!  I am unable to find the magic potion and I don’t have the gene so I am having to learn to stop taking things personally.  It must be a freeing experience to have some person unload their negative  stuff on you and stare back blankly and say to yourself, “That’s just their stuff, not mine.  I will not take it personally.”

I think it must take practice – lots of it.  I am getting better as I get older.  I see my sensitive children dealing with a genetic lack of Q-tip abilities.  I hope that I can learn soon enough to help them understand that sometimes people say things that could be interpreted as hurtful but it is often more about them than you.

Not taking things personally allows you to be in control of your autonomic nervous system.  It allows you to decide what will excite you and what will not. Rather than allowing somebody else to raise your heart rate and raise your blood pressure – try a Q-tip!


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