Re-establishing Routines and Riding the Wave Back Up.

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Some of you have asked to see my amazing shoes I bought in Montreal, so here they are!

It has been one week since I arrived back home after my two and a half days of marathon driving across Canada. The stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and terrible diet during those days really took its toll.  I would blame the sleep problems on jet lag, but I definitely can’t use that excuse, so I will call it “car lag”.  As far as the diet: eating junk food and drinking gas station coffee has created this bizarre effect where I still want to eat junk food, but at strange hours of the night.  I am finally getting my sea legs back.  Sitting for nearly three days with your legs held in the same position is not recommended.  


I feel that only now after a week I am able to start feeling like my wave is coming back up.  I now realize that there are four parts to my daily routine that help me feel in balance: diet, exercise, mindfulness, and sleep.  I noticed that yesterday-that I finally was able to start pay attention to these four areas again.  My partner and I had a nice long walk and during the walk, we stopped to pick some wild cornflowers in an alley to plant in our yard (gangster gardening).  We also stopped and bought a fresh baguette, some tomatoes, and bocconcini.  The sun was shining and we sat outside and had a Mediterranean feast, complete with homemade wine – of course.  Before bed last night, I popped a melatonin pill and slept like a wee baby.  Three of my four routines were starting to re-establish.  

This morning I drank my yummy, antioxidant-loaded smoothie then I sat to practice some mindfulness.  I lit my YELLOW Base Resetting Candle and settled into my YELLOW-ness.  I was starting to feel like myself.  I am planning on dedicating some time today to household chores and some business activity.  I will get out for a walk and plan on another wonderful lunch.  It is nice to feel the wave coming back up.  The one good thing about feeling so low is that you really appreciate the ride back up!  I have learned that by remembering to commit some effort to those four parts of my routine: diet, exercise, mindfulness, and sleep, I can assert some control over my position on the wave.  

Happy wave riding,


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