Resurrection…a personal meaning for everyone

I am adjusting to blogging in my new home.  Like any change, there are always some challenges with getting used to something new.  This Easter holiday has had some really interesting parallels for me with death and resurrection.  My old way of doing things on my old website has now been laid to rest.  In a sense the new website and the launching of the e-commerce and the submission of the manuscript to an agent is like my resurrection.  I was talking to my partner the other night about the Ekahi Method and she asked me, “what is your biggest fear about the new business?”  The words shot out of my mouth without hesitation, “the potential for success in an unfamiliar world”.  I have been involved in business for most of my adult life.  The Ekahi Method is like being born into a new world.  I am excited, scared, anxious, euphoric, and I am a different person because of all this change.  My essence is of course the same but the way I think, act, and even speak has changed. 

I think it is one of the things I love the most about Easter is it gives a chance to reflect on our own personal growth and change as we awaken from the winter slumber.  What changes have taken place in yourself this winter?  Do you feel this spring is your own re-birth or resurrection?  When I watch the new flowers push there way up through the soil I am reminded about how spring is truly the season of new life.  

Every family dinner we play a little game where one of the adults writes a question on a piece of paper and randomly tucks it under the plates.  The questions are really great to get everyone talking and sharing.    Last night at family dinner, my daughter had the question, “What is the meaning of Easter?”  She thought about it, stared towards the heavens and said, “CHOCOLATE!”  So perfect.  

Happy Easter to everyone,


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