Sitting still is not doing nothing

I was out for a walk with a friend today and we were chatting about some of life’s challenges.  During our conversation he said something that really resonated with me.  He said, “Sometimes you just have to sit still.”   How many times have you been faced with a challenge and instead of sitting and really feeling the full scope of the problem, you just start running ahead trying to “fix it” without really knowing what your dealing with?

When faced with a challenge it is critical to take some time and try to feel the dimensions of the problem.  If we imagine any problem as an entity that takes up space-time with defined beginning and ending and occupying no less than four dimensions we need to reach out and feel the boundaries of the problem. Putting this in a more practical context, imagine you are faced with a problem in your relationship.  Rather than hastily trying to fix it, sit with the issues and really feel it out.  By sitting still, you feel the boundaries of the issue and get a sense of how best to move out of it or within it.

The problem can be viewed as a bubble in space-time.  Each bubble in our life represents an event.  Our life is like a series of bubbles that we have existed in and will exist in.  Each bubble is a temporary experience  before we move onto the next one.  Your challenges in your relationship or issues at work or issues with children present an opportunity to sit and really feel the boundaries of the bubble.  Are you ready to break out of the bubble and move onto a new one with the knowledge and experience for growth or will you stay in the bubble too long and run out of air?

Leading a busy life puts you at great risk for accepting the fallacy that being still is wasting time; on the contrary, being still is the opportunity to take full advantage of space-time.  Sometimes we want to rush ahead and fix the problem because we think it is easier than examining the boundaries or really feeling the full weight of the emotions that go with full exploration.  By sitting still we are less likely to keep bumping around in the same bubble too long.  As the universe continues to expand at faster and faster rates and as we fill our environment with wireless signals of unnatural frequencies, it can have the tendency to feel like life is going faster and faster.

We need to take control and slow down that which we can control – our perception of time and our experience on this earth.

Our time here is too short already.  Why not take the time to sit, close your eyes, and be still – it is the most productive thing you can do in a day.


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