Spring – the season of building waves

As most of Canada and parts of the United States finally start to shake off the grip of a long winter, we can start to feel the wave of energy building.  Living near the 49th parallel, I am fortunate to experience four distinct seasons.  I generally appreciate them all but I do really love how spring makes me feels alive.  The other day I managed to convince the kids to un-glue themselves from their seats in front of the computers and video games to come out with me and fly a kite.  Flying a kite is one of most favourite things to do in the spring.  One merely has to throw the kite in the air and the eager winds lift the wings to flight.  The spring winds are so amazing because they are unpredictable.  One minute you are confidently watching the kite soar in front of you and the next minute it has darted behind you and headed for a tree.  For over an hour the children chased the shadow of the kite as I sensed the energy of spring on the end of a string.  

In addition to the winds, the spring season brings the sun high enough in the sky where the days start getting noticeably longer and the earliest of spring flowers make their way up through the soil.  It is an exciting time of the year in the northern hemisphere as life literally, springs up, before your eyes.  Everywhere you look, life is being created or energy is being transformed.  Baby birds are peering over the edge of nests and bees are starting to make some sleepy test flights.  Beyond what we can see, what I really love about spring is what can be be sensed with our other receptors.  I regularly find that this season is when I have difficulty sleeping as my mind has trouble settling at night.

Contributing to the building of the wave and the feeling of increasing energy in the spring is the period around the spring equinox when there is often an increase in solar flares that leads to stronger activity in our magnetic field and the visible light show of the aurora borealis.  This past February was a particularly active period for the sun and produced some of the largest amount of energized particles reaching the surface of the earth since the turn of the century.  While you might think that the northern lights and solar flares and increased geomagnetic activity are only of interest to NASA and wave geeks like me, you should be aware that these disturbances do affect us all.  Below is a graph from an article by Theodore Modis (2007), showing the fluctuations with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the number of sunspots (a measure of solar activity).  



You can see from the graph that increased solar activity causes significant changes in stock market trading.

A paper published by P.L. Verma (2013) found that there was a significant correlation between car accidents in India and the intensity of solar activity and geomagnetic storms.  There are also studies showing relationships to some acute cardiovascular events and solar activity.  

Each spring not only can you see the energy building all around you but even the energy which you cannot see is affecting behaviour and even health.  It is not to say we need to be worried about the increasing energy of spring but rather understand that some of the erratic behaviour in this season is driven by forces outside of ourselves.  The more in-tune we are with the changing of the seasons and the building of energy, the better we might be able to respond to the change.  

Like flying a kite in the turbulent skies of a sunny spring day, the invisible energy can also be turbulent.  We need not be worried about the building energy but rather it is a time to be responsive.  We need to bend our knees and be ready to move with the waves but know that the ride might be bumpy.  The energy of spring can take our emotions for a ride too.  Know that this is part of the process of spring and try to enjoy the ride up and down.  Soon, the energy will settle into the dog days of summer and we will forget about the bumps of spring.

In the mean time, pull out a kite, watch it bounce and enjoy the waves of spring.






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