What is the Ekahi Method?

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Have you ever felt a connection with somebody without them saying a word?

How often have you said things like, “We really resonate,” “We are on the same wavelength,” “We are on the same frequency,”  “She has good vibes”? 

Have you noticed that some environments or places seem to make you feel really down while others seem to energize you?

Have you noticed how some people seem to raise your energy and some seem to lower it?

 The Ekahi Method will show you that there are reasons for experiencing the above phenomena and these reasons are based in science. Ekahi means “One” in Hawaiian. This website is based on the book – The Ekahi Method. Master the Waves of Life by Dr. Brett Wade.


The Book 


Nearly 300 pages full of information and exercises to help you understand your Base Frequency and how knowing your Base Frequency can improve your health and all your relationships.  The Ekahi Method contains five parts:

1) Discover your Base Frequency

2) Sense the External Frequencies

3) Reset to Base Frequency

4) Tune your Frequency for Success

5) Nourish with Resonant Frequencies.


Foreword by Gillian Laura Roberts, co-author of the bestselling book, “The Thought That Changed My Life Forever.”

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 Here is what people are saying about the book:

“In this life changing book, Dr. Brett Wade shares his years of experience as a scientific researcher and therapist treating people to restore health and happiness.  His profound theory , easily understood and backed by science, explained how all the waves of life affect our well-being.”  Dan Zaleski, Author of – The Master’s Class.  8th Degree Black Belt


“I always wondered why I got along with some people so easily and with other people it seemed to be a struggle.  Dr. Brett not only explained why but showed me some practical ways to adjust my own Base Frequency to make my relationships better.  It seemed so simple but worked so well!”  Donna P.  


“I have a much better understanding of the importance of meditation and how it relates to health.  I was always told I should learn to meditate but nobody explained why and in a way that was secular – that was important to me.  I continue to practice Frequency Tuning on a daily basis in my job as an executive.  The results are impressive.  I can now see the five colors in all people!”  Mike R.



 In Dr. Brett’s Words

Brette Wade Animated-6737 (BWRC)

In the Ekahi Method, the “One” thing that universally affects relationships and connects us, not only to each other, but to all living and non-living things, is waves.  The cornerstone of the Ekahi Method is the Frequency Profile, which classifies people into one of five Base Frequency Classes: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, or VIOLET.  The Ekahi Method is unique in that it explains the science behind these invisible but powerful forces, waves, which continually affect our biology, and links the science in a meaningful way to the affect it has on our health, happiness and interpersonal relationships.

When we learn to Master the Wave of Life, we can utilize the power of waves to assist us with the big things in life: finding a compatible life partner, finding the right job, finding the right way of eating and exercising for optimal health, finding happiness, etc. 

It sounds way too simple doesn’t it?  The truth is, “it is that simple”.  Believe it or not, I do NOT consider the Ekahi Method to be “New Age”.  In fact, I consider the Ekahi Method as a way of simply honouring the energy that is within you and has been around you since the universe formed; in other words the Ekahi Method is “original age”.

I encourage you to complete the Frequency Profile on this site to determine your Base Frequency. Once you know your Base Frequency, you will find some specifically formulated products in our Marketplace to help you Reset to your Base Frequency when you feel out of balance.

To learn more about the Ekahi Method, attend one of Dr. Brett’s seminars or buy the Ekahi Method book today!  

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Ekahi Method: Master the Waves of Life by Brett Wade, PhD

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Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

What is the Ekahi Method?

Learn How Your Base Frequency Affects Your Life!

The Ekahi Method shows you how your, natural, Base Frequency affects not only your health but all your relationships. Find out your Base Frequency by completing the Frequency Profile

What color is your wave?

Ekahi Method for Health

Once you know your Base Frequency, you will find products in the Marketplace to help you Reset to your Base Frequency. The 100% soy candles, body spray, and roll-on are designed to help you reset to feeling like yourself when life pulls you in other directions.

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