“When I was younger, the world was a different place”

“When I was younger, the world was a different place.”  How often have you heard that before?  I can still hear my dad telling me about how he used to have to walk “twenty miles to school through eighty feet of snow and it was uphill both ways!”  I believe that every generation tells the younger generation either how good they had it or how bad it was.  Without a doubt, each generation has or had its own unique challenges.  Some generations are remembered for their contributions in World War I or II or the Vietnam war.  Other generations are noted for the high number of births – the baby boomers.  Then there are the alphabet generations of X, Y, and now Z.  The alphabet generations are most known for growing up during the technology explosion.  Generation X grew up with colour televisions, arcardes, Atari and the first home computers such as the Commodore Vic 20.  The use of the these technologies continues at a rapid expansion.  My youngest children have never, not known a world without a smart phone, Apple products, and Google.  

I recently found myself saying , “When I was your age, the world was a different place.”  I couldn’t believe that I had just repeated that same statement that I had heard so many times before.  I wasn’t talking about how far I had to walk to school (although I could have brought that up) or how much more plentiful some jobs were to find but I was speaking to the children about the fact that I grew up with no Electrosmog.  Think what you want about the ubiquitous field of electromagnetic energy floating in our environment but it simply was not there when I was a kid.  Even twenty years ago, the density of wireless background Electrosmog was not there like it is today.  

It really does bother me that I can do my best to keep my children safe and healthy but I have almost no control over the microwave signals from surrounding cell phone towers that easily penetrate the walls of my home.  When I grew up we were starting to learn that second-hand smoke might be harmful.  At least if parents or grandparents did smoke, they could simply choose to either quit or move several feet away from the children and smoke.  This is not the case with wireless microwave radiation from cell phone towers.  It is really hard to avoid it.  Unless you live way out in the boonies, you are exposed to these signals.  While the debate about the harmful effects of exposure to cell phone wireless signals rages on, the point is that if you are concerned, it is almost impossible to avoid it.  Nobody, rang my doorbell and asked me if I would prefer to not be exposed; it just happened.  

I have measured the strength of the magnetic fields from every appliance and wire in my house and I have measured the strength of the wireless signals from cordless phones, my smart meter, wireless router, and baby monitor.  I decided after my research to turn off the wireless router and get on the internet with ethernet cables.  I measured the strength of the baby monitor and decided that it is so weak that is barley perceptible to I choose to keep it on.  I did not have a choice with the “smart meter” but I am happy to report the strength is weak.  The research is now mounting and showing a relationship between some conditions and exposure to wireless waves. Unlike second-hand smoke, we will not be able to turn off these signals.  The genie is out of the bottle and she ain’t going back in.  

I have to concede that it is a losing battle to avoid exposure to wireless signals – they are everywhere.  Fortunately I know that distance from the source dramatically cuts the intensity of exposure so there are some small changes I can make.  I can shield my children’s rooms from wireless exposure so that they are not experiencing the intensity while they sleep.  I have turned off the wireless router and I never let the kids use the cell phone to speak to grandparents.  Am I paranoid?  Maybe.  If it turns out that twenty years down the road that it shown that there are no harmful effects from long-term exposure to these fields then I will be happy.  If it turns out that the evidence shows, as it is starting to suggest, there are relationships to some diseases with long-term exposure, then I am happy I did what I could.  Either way, my small efforts will please me in the future and be better for the children.  

As most of you know, I conduct research examining for the effects on human physiology when exposed to wireless signals.  In my make-shift lab I have build a cage that an adult can easily sit inside that is completely wireless signal free.  The other day, my son asked what I was building.  I told him I built a cage for experiments.  He asked to sit inside.  After sitting for less than ten seconds he said, “That’s weird.”  I said, “What’s weird?”  He replied, “My head is clear.”  In astonishment, I asked, “Did you know it wasn’t clear before?”  He replied, “I had no idea until I sat in here.”  I then said, “When I was younger, the world was a different place.”


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