Ekahi Method

Master the Waves of Life

A book about discovering the nature of your spiritual energy and how it is affecting all your relationships and your health.


What color is your spirit?

Take the quick & easy Ekahi Method Frequency Profile…

The Frequency Profile examines your natural energy and classifies you into one of five Base Frequency Spirit Colors: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, or VIOLET. Click HERE to Discover your Base Frequency today!

What is the Ekahi Method?

Ekahi means “One” in Hawaiian. This Method shows you how the natural, Base Frequency of your spirit, affects everything in your life. You will learn why you naturally “resonate” with some people and why some people are not on your “wavelength”. The Ekahi Method will teach you that these commonly used expressions have a scientific basis. Our measurable, Base Frequency is a wave that interacts with other people’s waves. Sometimes our waves are amplified by other people and sometimes our waves are flattened. Learn to honour the Base Frequency of your spirit and take control of your life.

To learn more, click the Lulu button below to purchase the Ekahi Method book by Dr. Brett. Buy now for $19.99.

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